44th Vampires

Virtual Fighter Squadron

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About Us

The Virtual 44th Vampires have been around since 2003. We are a small (normally 6-8 pilots in total) squadron and we only fly the Digital Combat Simulator F-15C Eagle. The Vampires are all from North American timezones.

We train Air Superiority Missions and are available for Cooperative (COOP) missions and Red Air/OPFOR (Opposing Force) missions by request. We welcome and routinely fly with other community squadrons of all airframes and types of missions.

Pilot Training

We respectfully recruit by invitation only.


If anyone is interested in hosting or joining missions with us you are encouraged to stop by on our Teamspeak and chat with one of us. Sometimes, we may be in a private Teamspeak channel during a mission, however, we encourage you to check back at a later time, wait for us to complete the sortie, or leave a message and we will get back to you.

Note: Forums are not our main method of communication. Teamspeak is the best way to contact us.



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